CyberLearnIT e-learning application

Digital course „Fire engine operator with mixed reality elements.

With the CyberLearnIT platform, we are providing you with a flexible tool for expanding your teaching digitally. The online learning environment is cross-platform and can be used at home via the PC and with tablets and smartphones, regardless of location.

Users learn complex issues with the support of interactive graphics, films, and immersive 3D data models. This holistic approach of combining all current digital learning opportunities achieves a new type of sustainable knowledge transfer.

Linked to the platform are associated virtual reality (VR) content that can be experienced using VR data glasses (e.g., HTC Vive Pro).

What has been learned is queried using tests to make one’s learning success immediately visible. . In addition, in the integrated forum, course partici –
pants can share and support each other.

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CyberCinity platform

CyberCinity is an immersive, collaborative communication platform to replace or supplement face-to-face events. It is used as an alternative and future-oriented extension of on-site events & video conferences (with Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.).

The platform enables the registered (VR) avatars in first-person-view to have an intensive exchange through various interactive tools such as communication channels, gestures, whisper suite, VIP lounge, virtual treehouse, auditorium, self-sufficient product demo, project, & Training areas in an entire virtual world.

CyberCinity gives hybrid events (real/digital) added value through the liveliness and individuality of the possible uses. The users are actors and not spectators –  they are socially and spatially present for face-to-face communication and collaboration.

CyberCinity serves as a safe alternative when events are banned due to pandemics and is basically (travel) cost- and resource-saving.

Please be patient while the immersive world loads, and you can dive in. You can also use the button above to load CyberCinity in a new tab and experience it in full-screen mode.

Interactive Training

Training programs for managers and employees from the security industry are offered in many interactively designed courses.

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Analysis of the security structure of local authorities

The GFPA has a unique, internationally tested, and widely used computer simulation system at its disposal, with the help of which the security structure of a local authority, for example, can be analyzed and flexibly adapted.